What is Stewardship?

God created everything. Everything is His; we are blessed to take care of it for His glory. Stewardship is our grateful response as Christian disciples who recognize, receive and cultivate God’s gifts and generously share these gifts as love of God and neighbor.

How do we live our life as a disciple of Christ?

Stewardship is not a program; it is not an add-on to our lives. Being a disciple means recognizing two things. First, we recognize that everything we have been given is a gift from God. Second, we recognize that God calls us to be his collaborators in creation, redemption, and sanctification.

How do we steward God’s gifts to us?

At Notre Dame des Victoires, we organize the stewardship life into three areas: Prayer, Participation, and Giving. Living out these areas fully helps us fulfill our call to encounter Christ and make disciples.

Explore how to apply Stewardship to your life!
Stewardship of Prayer
Stewardship of Participation
Stewardship of Finances