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Sunday Mass:
9:00 am - English
10:30 am - French
12:15 pm - English
 Weekday Masses:
7:00 am Monday - Friday
 No Masses on Saturdays

* When the time comes, please watch this video to understand the new guidelines for attending Mass. *

Live Stream

Our livestreams for Sunday Mass are as follows:
English at 9:00 am & French at 10:30 am

Please click on the link below to join. 
The Mass will also be recorded and you can access the liturgy at a later time. God Bless.



Eucharistic Adoration, followed by Benediction, takes place from 10:00am - 12:00pm on the first Friday of every month. The sign up for February 5th is now available.

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566 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Closed 12:00 pm-12:45 pm)

Email: [email protected]
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Pause to Pray

"The daily 3 Minute Retreat is a short prayer break at your computer that can give you 24 hours of peace."
- Loyola Press

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Parish News

We are pleased to announce that the 8th grade class at Notre Dame des Victoires will be virtually performing the Mystery of Custodia!

The 8th graders are working through Covid-19 restrictions in an effort to create a joyful and entertaining mystery for the audience.  The Premiere will take place Friday, May 14th at 7pm. The Saturday, May 15th showtime will also be at 7pm. The Sunday, May 16th matinee will be presented at 2pm. 

For ticket purchases, please visit:  

We are also seeking "Angel Donations" to offset the production costs involved, which are related to the technical equipment, music, editing, programming and platform requirements.  Donations are tiered as follows:

  • Drama Club Standout Patron Sponsor: $1000 (will receive a full page advertisement in a prime spot in the Custodia program: your name/company name on Donor Page of the program and on the Custodia website; a congratulatory message to the 8th grade on the Custodia website; a Custodia t-shirt; and a family ticket and four individual tickets to the play).
  • Mystery Sleuths Supporter: $500 (will receive a full page advertisement in a prime spot in the Custodia program: your name/company name on Donor Page of the program and on the Custodia website; a congratulatory message to the 8th grade on the website; and a family ticket and two individual tickets to the play)
  • Lovable Lunch Lady: $250 (will receive a half-page advertisement in the Custodia program, your name/company name listed on the Donor Page of the program and on the Custodia website; a congratulatory message to the 8th grade on the website; and a family ticket to the play)
  • Dancing Janitor: $100 (will receive a half-page advertisement in the Custodia program; your name/company name listed on the Donor Page in the program and on the Custodia web site; and a congratulatory message to the 8th grade on the Custodia web site)
  • Found a Clue: $50 (your name/company name will be listed on the Donor Page in the Custodia program and on the Custodia website; a congratulatory message to the 8th grade on the Custodia website)
  • Tiger Food: $25 (your name/company name will be listed on the Donor Page in the Custodia program and on the Custodia website)
You may donate online here: or mail checks to Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires, 659 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 attn: "Angel Donations."

Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession:
If you would like to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession, please call the rectory to make an appointment.


Parishioners are asked to fill out a Registration Update Form. We are in the process of renewing our Parish Membership Roster. If you are interesting in joining the parish or if you are presently a member, we ask that all fill out a form so that we are able to make necessary changes. Forms are located at the entrance of the church or can be accessed via the link below. Thanks for your cooperation!

Parishioner Registration/Update


Come and join a group of young adults living in the Bay Area! It is not always easy or exciting to go to mass in a foreign country, or to go alone, this group meets before the 10:30 am mass to attend mass together and then have lunch. 
Every two weeks, we plan a Bible Study group, where we can share thoughts on the Evangile of the upcoming Sunday's mass, while sharing dinner.
Everyone speaks French! French natives are welcome to join us! 
Rejoins nous !

What if....

"... I am unbaptized but want to grow spiritually in my life."
"... I have a different faith background but want to learn
what Catholics believe and why."
"... I am a baptized Catholic but never made my First Holy
Communion and/or Confirmation."


..... we would love to assist you in your faith journey through an exciting and deeply enriching process in the Catholic Church called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.). RCIA is for those who are seeking a better relationship with God, who are looking for more information about Catholic Christianity, or who are seeking to grow in their spiritual or Sacramental life. The RCIA process welcomes the unbaptized person to the family of Jesus Christ. Sessions are informal and comfortable opportunities to explore the Catholic faith with presentations, discussions, and fellowship.

Explore the faith without obligation & contact Rev. Juan Gonzalez to learn more!
[email protected]




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Congratulations Newly Weds

Saint of the Day

St. Peter of Tarantaise: Saint of the Day for Saturday, May 08, 2021

Cistercian archbishop. Peter was born near Vienne, in Dauphine, France, and joined the Cistercian Order at Bonneveaux at the age of twenty with his two brothers and father. Known for his piety, at age thirty he was sent to serve as the first abbot of Tamie, in the Tarantaise Mountains, between Geneva and Savoy. There he built a hospice for travelers. In 1142, he was named the archbishop of Tarantaise against his wishes, and he devoted much energy to reforming the diocese, purging the clergy of ...

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St. Rose Venerini: Saint of the Day for Friday, May 07, 2021

Blessed Rose was born at Viterbo in 1656, the daughter of Godfrey Venerini, a physician. Upon the death of a young man who had been paying court to her, she entered a convent, but after a few months had to return home to look after her widowed mother. Rose use to gather the women and girls of the neighborhood to say the rosary together in the evenings, and when she found how ignorant many of them were of their religion, she began to instruct them. She was directed by Father Ignatius Martinelli, ...

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St. Dominic Savio: Saint of the Day for Thursday, May 06, 2021

Dominic Savio was born on April 2, 1842 in the village of Riva in northern Italy. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a seamstress. He had nine brothers and sisters. His family was poor but hardworking. They were devout and pious Catholics.

When he was just two years old, Dominic's family returned to their native village of Castlenuovo d'Asti, (Today, Castlenuovo Don Bosco) near the birthplace of John Bosco. Bosco would himself later be canonized as a Saint by the Church and became a ...

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Bishop Barron

Should Suffering Shake Our Faith?

Premier Christian Radio in the UK just sponsored a survey that investigated how the COVID crisis has affected religious beliefs and attitudes. There were three major findings—namely, that 67% of those who characterize themselves as “religious” found their belief in God challenged, that almost a quarter of all those questioned said that the pandemic made them more fearful of death, and that around a third of those surveyed said that their prayer life had been affected by the crisis. Justin Brierley, who hosts the popular program Unbelievable?, commented that he was especially impressed by the substantial number of those who, due to COVID, have experienced difficulty believing in a loving God. I should like to focus on this finding as well. Of course, in one sense, I understand the problem. An altogether standard objection to belief in God is human suffering, especially when it is visited upon the innocent. The…

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¿Debe el sufrimiento sacudir nuestra fe?

La Radio Cristiana Premier del Reino Unido acaba de patrocinar una encuesta en la que se investiga cómo ha afectado la crisis del COVID a las creencias y actitudes religiosas. Hubo tres hallazgos principales: que el 67% de los que se caracterizan como “religiosos” vieron cuestionada su fe en Dios, que casi una cuarta parte de todos los encuestados dijeron que la pandemia les hizo temer más a la muerte, y que alrededor de un tercio de los encuestados dijeron que su vida de oración se había visto afectada por la crisis. Justin Brierley, presentador del popular programa ¿Increíble? comentó que estaba especialmente impresionado por el importante número de personas que, debido a la COVID, han tenido dificultades para creer en un Dios de amor. Me gustaría centrarme también en este hallazgo. Por supuesto, en cierto sentido, entiendo el problema. Una objeción totalmente habitual a la creencia en Dios es…

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We’re All Becoming Platonists Now—And That’s Not Good

One of the most fundamental divides in the history of philosophy is that between a more Platonic approach and a more Aristotelian approach. Plato, of course, saw the universal or formal level of being as more real, more noble, whereas Aristotle, while acknowledging the existence and importance of the abstract, favored the concrete and particular. This differentiation was famously illustrated by Raphael in his masterpiece The School of Athens, the central figures of which are Plato, his finger pointing upward to the realm of the forms, and Aristotle, stretching his palm downward to the particular things of the earth. This archetypal demarcation had (and has) implications for how we think about religion, science, society, ethics, and politics. Just as most Beatles fans separate themselves rather naturally into Lennon or McCartney camps, so most philosophers can be, at least broadly speaking, characterized as either more Platonic or more Aristotelian in orientation.

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